We recommend using a commercial heat press to apply our rhinestone transfers. This will
ensure even heat and pressure during the application of the design. Do NOT attempt to
apply our rhinestone transfers to garments that cannot withstand the recommended heat
setting and time, especially on garments that say “DO NOT IRON” or “DO NOT DRY CLEAN”.
If you are unsure about your fabric, our recommendation would be to google the fabric
content and the recommended heat pressing instructions. We strongly recommend you
watch on-line video tutorials on how to heat press rhinestone transfers if this is your first
attempt at heat pressing.
Our general instructions for a cotton or cotton blend fabric is:
1. Set heat press to 335 – 340 degrees
2. Set your machine timer to 15 seconds
3. Set pressure at medium/heavy
4. Always pre-press garment to remove wrinkles or moisture.
5. Inspect the transfer for any out of place rhinestones. Move misplaced stones with a
pair of tweezers.
6. Make sure the transfer comes in direct contact with the heat platen. Any seams,
metal zippers or wrinkles in the way will deflect the heat away from the rhinestones
and cause the stones to lift off the garment.
7. Next, peel the white backing off transfer
8. Center your transfer on your garment, inspect placement carefully and close press
9. Remove, allow to cool, and peel clear transfer tape away from the stones.
While the above settings are recommended, we always encourage you to test your
material. The responsibility for the application of our transfers lies with you, the customer.
We will not be liable for any issues that may arise during or after the application process.